New Jersey schools reported more than 30,500 bullying incidents during the 2021-2022 school year, according to state data for the most recent year available.

New Jersey ranked as the fourth worst state for bullying, according to a WalletHub study released in October. Only Nevada, Alaska, and California had more trouble with bullies in schools.

The study scored each state by weighing 20 metrics including rates of physical violence, cyber-bullying incidents, students missing school for fear of being bullied, and students who had attempted suicide.

Suicide due to bullying in New Jersey schools came back into focus earlier this year after a 14-year-old Central Regional High School student took her own life on Feb. 3.

The death of Adriana Kuch sparked outrage among parents who said the school lacked a coherent anti-bullying policy. Students at the school told the school board that they were scared to walk down the hallways because bullying was so prevalent.

Mallory Grossman (Memorial for Mallory via Go Fund Me)/ Adriana Kuch (Jennifer Ferro via Facebook)
Mallory Grossman (Memorial for Mallory via Go Fund Me)/ Adriana Kuch (Jennifer Ferro via Facebook)

Another tragic suicide over six years ago brought similar reactions. Copeland Middle School student Mallory Grossman was 12 years old when she died by suicide. Her parents said she was bullied in school and online by other students.

Grossman's mother began championing bullying reforms in New Jersey and her efforts culminated in the passage of Mallory's Law.

The list below ranks New Jersey schools with at least 100 students based on the rate of bullying incidents.

Reflecting long-established national trends, middle schools make up more than half of the top 10 worst schools for bullying.

Top 30 schools in NJ with the biggest bullying problem

These are the schools in New Jersey with the highest rates of bullying. The rankings are based on the annual School Performance Reports for the 2021-22 school year. New Jersey 101.5 ranked the schools based on the rate of reported bullying incidents per 100 students. Schools with enrolment less than 100 are excluded.

Gallery Credit: New Jersey 101.5

Bullying rates for every school in New Jersey

Find your county below to see list of schools and reports of bullying, violence and illegal drug use.

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