It's always nice to be able to share a good-feel story about anyone in New Jersey. As we all know, the Great Garden State is full of heroes that come in all shapes and sizes.

And whenever I have that opportunity to witness one such event, I think it's important to share it. Especially since the positive is usually masked by the negative.

For example, there was one time a couple of years ago when I went to a Wawa gas station to fuel up. It was later in the evening when the evening rush had passed and the crowds had died down.

I pulled up to the pump and the attendant started filling my car. But after that, he took it a step further.

Rather than go back to his little island and wait for the next car, he decided to clean my windows. I never asked for this, he just did it.

Thumbs up for New Jersey

And he was in a great mood too. That's true full-service in today's world, and one I thought should be rewarded with a tip. You just don't find that kind of automatic courtesy anymore.

So that's just one example of those in New Jersey going above and beyond. It may be something small, but it does make a difference.

Sometimes, how we juggle our daily lives is enough to show just what we're made of. And that's exactly what I saw with this next story that involves one amazing Jersey mom.

Earlier this week, I visited a Panera Bread for lunch. I figured I hadn't been there in a while so why not pay them a visit?

Panera in North Brunswick
Panera in North Brunswick (Dan Zarrow, Townsquare Media NJ)

Shortly after I sat down, this young woman sat just one table ahead of me with a stroller. But it's what she was doing that caught my eye.

Along with feeding her child lunch, she was also conducting a meeting on her phone. She was very pleasant, but multitasked in such a way that the only way to describe it was impressive.

Even with the child fussing, she was so cool, calm, and collected about the whole situation. She calmed him down all while contributing still to this meeting and eating her own lunch.

Baby crying / Working parent / zoom video call

Literally doing it all at the same time and not once did she show a sign of frustration. Before I left I made a point to give a quick compliment to her, which made her even happier.

I have no idea what her job is, what she was doing prior to arriving at the restaurant, or where she was going once she was done. But at that moment in time, she was a supermom juggling work, lunch, and child all while keeping her cool.

Even when the child fussed, she handled it... while still in that meeting and remaining incredibly level-headed. You would've had to see her to fully appreciate it.

The "smiley face" is everywhere. We just have to follow by example.
(Craig Allen photo).

I know parents who if they had to juggle all that at once, they wouldn't be able to stay that calm. Moms and dads both, but especially while dealing with work and a fussy kid out in public solo.

Again, I don't know why she was managing it all by herself, but it's a testament to how super Jersey moms are. So let this be a shout-out not only to his individual but to all the moms out there who often find themselves in that situation juggling literally everything themselves.

It's not easy for any parent, which is why it's OK if you lose it every now and then in public. Trust me, most other parents who have been there will totally understand.

You are amazing - Parenting

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Even those who do occasionally lose it, you're a superhero too. Raising kids is one of the most exhausting jobs out there, and parents that are trying their best deserve a hat tip.

Yes, we dads deserve a pat on the back too. But there's no denying that there's nobody more amazing in The Great Garden State than a Jersey mom. You rock!

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The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 Sunday morning host Mike Brant. Any opinions expressed are his own.

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