Both spring and fall are the times of year when changes occur in the weather. Not just in New Jersey, but in many other places across the country.

It's when the temperatures can go from one extreme to the next in a matter of a day. And although New Jersey might not be as volatile with its shifts from day to day when compared to other states, they certainly are noticeable.

Think about it. In New Jersey, we can go to feeling like we need the air conditioning one day to turning up the heat the next. It's all part of how the seasons change during the spring and fall in our part of the world.

Of course, the nicest is usually when we can open our windows. That sweet spot where it's not too cold, nor too warm.

And honestly, having that fresh are in the home is so much better than having to run the heat or air conditioning.


But it's also that constant flip-flopping that might make us forget to do one little thing. Sometimes, we may forget to turn off our heat when opening our windows.

And it's perfectly normal for it to slip our minds. Perhaps the house gets warm enough to where the heat won't trip and will remain off.

But then night rolls around and we go to bed with the windows still open. If that heat is still on, there's a good chance it'll fire up, and thus, waste energy.

Flying Money

The same can also be said for the air conditioner. It's not so much about nitpicking our energy consumption. But rather, it can get expensive fast (this is New Jersey, after all).

Again, it's just a friendly reminder for some of us who might accidentally forget to turn our units off when we open our windows. Or, for those of us who forget to close our windows when putting our units on.

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