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Major Traffic Alerts: Saturday, April 20

No traffic alerts have yet been sent today


Interstate 295/Route 29 - Several ramp closures are in effect through June 24.

The three closures starting are:

  • I-295 southbound (former I-95 north) exit ramp to Route 29 northbound (first exit in New Jersey coming from Pennsylvania) Detour: Continue along I-295 South to Exit 73A (Scotch Road North), use the exit’s loop ramps to make a U-turn onto I-295 North for return to the Route 29 interchange (Exit 76) and the ramp to Route 29 North.
  • I-295 northbound exit ramp (former I-95 south) to Route 29 southbound (last exit in New Jersey). Detour: Proceed across the Scudder Falls Bridge for a U-turn at the Taylorsville Road interchange (Exit 10) in Pennsylvania, taking I-295 South across the bridge for connection with Route 29 South via the first New Jersey exit ramp and the downstream circle.
  • Route 29 southbound and northbound entry ramps to I-295 northbound  (former I-95 south)  (to get onto the Scudder Falls Bridge into Pennsylvania). Detour: Proceed into the downstream circle and use the ramp for I-295 South, proceed Exit 73A (Scotch Road North), use the exit’s loop ramps to make a U-turn onto I-295 North and travel across the bridge to I-295 West in Pennsylvania.