New Jersey has to be one of the most diverse states in the nation. I mean, where else are you going to find a state as divided as us?

Even lifestyles are radically different from one part of the state to the next. In fact, there's a joke that's been around for some time that the southwestern part of the state is like Alabama.

On the flip side, the Northeastern part of the state is very fast-paced and used to the hustle and bustle similarly found in New York City. Not quite the same, but you get the point.

Then there are those who live along the coast that live a very different life from winter to summer. And when I say different, I mean extremely quiet versus extremely chaotic. Everyone comes to the Jersey Shore for summer vacation, after all.

And then, there are those in the middle. The ones who are a little bit of north and south at the same time.

A place where both pork roll and Taylor Ham exist, as well as jimmies and sprinkles. It's a region that can only be described as Central New Jersey.

So you get the idea. New Jersey is very diverse and will never change. But that also begs the question. Should New Jersey be broken up into separate states?

What cities would serve as the capital for each newly formed state? Would there be more, or fewer tolls in each region? And, would taxes finally go down for all of us?

Has the time come to break NJ into separate states?

Should New Jersey be split up into multiple states? Here's what that might look like.

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Welcome to the state of Central Jersey

State capitals?

For the state of Central Jersey, the logical choice would be to keep Trenton since that's already within that territory. But what about the other newly formed Jersey states?

Well, perhaps the state of North Jersey could crown Jersey City as its capital since it was recently named one of the nation's most luxurious cities (find out more about that here). And for the state of South Jersey? Why not Cape May, the oldest seaside resort in the nation?

That would leave just the state of the Jersey Shore. And what better location to represent the coast than Asbury Park?

Oh, and where would the official borders be if such a thing were to happen? Feel free to leave a comment and have fun with this (the borders, the capitals, and so much more).

Question marks / Questionable regions of New Jersey

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