How do I get this bird to stop hurling itself into my sliding glass door?

That's the question I asked you, New Jersey, a few days ago (click here).

As you say, the bird sees it's reflection as a "rival bird."

Thank you for all your thoughts and suggestions...I've tried several of them.

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This hawk should do the trick. (Craig Allen photo)

I put a picture of a "bird of prey" in the window (above).

The hawk isn't scary enough. (Craig Allen photo)

It was (also) suggested that I "break up" the big glass window with tape...

The bird is resting...before swooping in again. (Craig Allen photo)

...and, if that fails, cover the glass with paper.

No reflection, no bird.  Right?

This bird is...obsessed. (Craig Allen photo)

At 6:30 this morning, I woke up to tapping on my bedroom window.

I know that sound.

Seriously? (Craig Allen photo)

Suddenly, the "bluebird of unhappiness" has had it's fill of the sliding glass door, and has moved it's obsession...

Sunrise to sunset, I have (unwanted) company. (Craig Allen photo) my bedroom window.

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