Monday is Veterans Day and on this day we thanks those who served by posting the pictures of relatives and friends on our various social media. My father Albert Trevelise was a torpedo man 3rd class on the USS Ronquil in World War II. There is another way that businesses can give thanks as well.

My neighbor Greg is a Vietnam vet and he takes a personal day every Veterans Day so that he can get the day off with pay. What a wonderful idea! How great would it be if all businesses adopted such a plan. It’s the least we can do for these heroes who served our country and protected our freedom.

I've talked about it before on New Jersey 101.5 and the callers were very much in favor  of the idea, as are my social media followers. When you think about all the things that veterans do for other veterans on this day, and how they are forced to take off without pay, or use a personal day it just doesn't seem right.

If any non-vet has a problem with that, let them go serve. I think it's the least businesses can do.

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