English vs Modern English in NJ
You might say...that we have our own way of saying things here in New Jersey.
Having said that, let's play a game that I'm calling "English vs Modern English."
English: "Oops...I really screwed that up."
Modern English: "My bad...
In COVID-19 times, old toys are new again
Old TV series and game shows are being remade.
Vinyl record sales are on the rise. New, and used, vinyl.
Thanks to COVID-19, nostalgia is (and continues to be) bigger than ever.
It makes us makes us feel good.
And that is before we get to toys...
Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over, New Jersey
The sign says it all.
Please party responsibly, tonight.
Don't drink and drive. It sounds trite, but it's true.
Find space on a couch.
Get a room.
Call for a ride (Uber and Lyft will have a BIG night).
New Jersey's men and women in BLUE will be looking out for YOU...
The Christmas without our cat
When I was in first grade, the neighbor's cat had kittens.
I really loved playing with those kitties...and Rene promised that I could have one.
Now, I just had to convince my parents.
No small feat at that age, especially since our "pets" was a tank of topical fish...

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