After working at New Jersey 101.5 for so many years now it’s hard to imagine that at one point it was anything else besides New Jersey’s FM talk station. But way before “not New York, Not Philadelphia,” the station, owned by the Harden family, played “the music you wanna hear!” on WBJH ,Trenton, 101.5 FM.

In this great video, there are a bunch of 70’s stations highlighted, but BJH is the first station you’ll hear. The announcer gives the station slogan and then you can hear the opening notes of “cherish” by the association.

The station went on the air on August 27, 1962, as WBUD-FM. But later changed to WBJH, which stood for Bill and Joy Hardin, the son and daughter-in-law of the owner. In 1980, the station assumed the call letters we have now, WKXW, but it was then known as"The All New Kix 101 & a 1/2 FM" and later "Kix 101.5".

The opening of this video allows you to hear the typical 70’s “boss jock” as we used to call it back then with the deep, resounding announcer voice that you never hear anymore on radio then the typical cheesy radio jingle. It’s a great throwback to the '70s.

Obviously music radio had a much more slick sound, and its format was different than what we do here today. But still, it’s neat to hear how different radio sounds today, with hosts like us sounding... well... like us!

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