I take it as a sure sign of Spring...the birds are returning to New Jersey.

My new "neighbor." (Craig Allen photo)

Most days, I work from home. I notice these things.

So, suddenly, I have a new "neighbor."

"I DID see a tweety-bird!" (Craig Allen photo)

This bird.

For the past few days, "tweety" has been making it's presence known by flying into my sliding glass window.

Incoming. (Craig Allen photo)


And, there it goes. (Craig Allen photo)

All day long.

When I "scare" it away--either by waving my hands or by shouting--it is back in a few minutes.

Before this (crazy) bird breaks it's neck...slamming into the glass...I'm looking for suggestions.

How can I get this bird to end it's dangerous obsession...and just fly away?

SLAM. (Craig Allen photo)

New Jersey: Please help me to help this "bluebird of unhappiness."

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