Craig Allen's Quick and Easy Hamburger Soup
The snow is falling...and you need to warm up with some fast and easy, hearty, comfort food.
I'd like to suggest the "Hamburger Soup" that I...threw together!
Remember, I said quick and easy, so I am cutting corners with some "prepared" ingredients...
Make Craig Allen's 'Aunt Emma's Brown Cookies'
Right before Christmas, Bob Williams (New Jersey Traffic North) and I got to talking about making Christmas cookies.
At that point it was just that. Just talk.
Between it being almost Christmas, and the fact that I'm a busy guy...I do a lot around New Jersey 101...
Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over, New Jersey
The sign says it all.
Please party responsibly, tonight.
Don't drink and drive. It sounds trite, but it's true.
Find space on a couch.
Get a room.
Call for a ride (Uber and Lyft should have a BIG night).
New Jersey's men and women in BLUE will be looking out for YOU...
Christmas cereal on the Shelf
Move over, pumpkin spice cereal...
...you're so...October.
When it comes to "limited edition" or "seasonal" breakfast fare, I think that I may have found the ultimate on New Jersey grocery store shelves:
"Elf On The Shelf" cereal...

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