Craig's coffee mug: Does the joke still work?
Back in the '80s, you were cool if you had a VCR (video cassette recorder).
It meant that you could watch any show at any time. At your convenience. You were no longer a slave to the actual air time of a favorite show (or videos on MTV)...
Vote Tuesday or you can't complain, New Jersey
The sign says it all.
Tuesday is Election Day in New Jersey.
YOU get to decide who will represent you.
You get to vote for 2 Assembly candidates.
County Freeholder.
Local/town office.
The school board election is on this ballot...
Craig Allen says: 'Meet Rockwell' on Halloween
While "Somebody's Watching Me" isn't technically a Halloween song...it can give you Halloween chills...and it does make the "cut" on 1980's-based Halloween song lists.
And, there's more to the song, and its singer, Rockwell, than you think...
Craig Allen says: 'Meet Soft Cell'
Soft Cell is vocalist Mark Almond, and instrumentalist David Ball.
This duo gained worldwide fame with one of New Jersey's Greatest Hits, "Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go."
Soft Cell formed in 1978, when Almond and Ball met at Leeds Polytechnic (in England)...
Which car window sign is more Jersey?
Our cars are mobile billboards.
Through bumper stickers and window signs, we share our interests, and our social and political beliefs.
In short, the driver's personality is on display.
As residents of the Great Garden State, it's said that we collectively share a "Jersey attitude...
Craig Allen says: Meet Greg Kihn
The Greg Kihn Band was started by front man Greg Kihn and bassist Steve Wright. And while the lineup has changed over the years, the band still tours today.
Greg Kihn began his musical career in Baltimore. He started writing songs and playing in the local coffee houses while in high school...
We play 'em like that here at New Jersey 101.5
So, I'm headed in to do the show here at New Jersey 101.5...and on my way, I stop on a quick errand.
I see the (above) car as I cross the parking lot...and I must share!
Obviously, the driver is a Greg Kihn Band fan.
By extension, a New Jersey 101...
So long, Jersey Summer
When my neighbors open the pool, to me, that's a sign that summer is...just around the corner.
You'll recognize these pool scenes...
...from the Neighborhood Tractor Race, back in May.
...the pool is quiet...
Craig Allen remembers Eddie Money
Eddie Money is one artist whose music and career spans the decades of "New Jersey's Greatest Hits"...the 1970's, 80's and early 1990's.
And, now, he's gone (September 13th).
Just a few weeks after announcing that he was suffering from stage four esophage…
A sure sign that Fall is here, New Jersey
Labor Day signals the end of the summer season...and we're a few days past that.
Sure, there will be more "summer-like" days in the next few weeks.
But, when I walked into the kitchen, I knew that "fall" had arrived...
Pumpkin Spice coffee is, once again, an opt…

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