Craig Allen says: ‘Meet the Pretenders’
The Pretenders are an English and American rock band formed in Hereford England, in the spring of 1978. The original band lineup included founder and main songwriter Chrissie Hynde (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), James Honeyman-Scott (lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboards), Pete F…
Jersey’s Greatest Foreigner Hits on 8 Track
In my travels across the Great Garden State, I recently came across a treasure-trove of "ancient technology!"
Audiophiles are re-discovering the "warmth" of vinyl.
And even the cassette is making a (slight) comeback due to the fact that it's so "retro.…
Craig Allen’s Quick and Easy Hamburger Soup
You've just been "Freezin' For A Reason."
Now, you want to unwind, and warm up with some fast and easy, hearty, comfort food.
I'd like to suggest the "Hamburger Soup" that I just...threw together!
Remember, I said quick and easy, so I am cutting corner…
Try Craig Allen’s Pecan Bars
This is fast becoming another family favorite dessert!
Pecan Bars are relatively easy to make...
The only down side is:
Have you checked the price of pecans lately? I got..."sticker shock" (above)!
Its still sooooo worth it...
Postal rates go up Monday
If you didn't buy more "Forever" stamps at 50 cents each by Sunday, you'll shell out a nickel more for each one of them when your post office re-opens on Monday.
The cost of mailing a first class letter rises to 55 cents. How else can you deal with the increase, New J…

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