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Professional T.P? Really.
So, I'm in the little boy's room at New Jersey 101.5
The facilities are fully stocked, I notice.
I've been absent-minded-ly looking at the...ummm...paper product (above).
I turn away, and then do a double take, as it hits me:
Toilet Paper is "professional&quo…
Craig Allen says: 'Meet the J. Geils Band'
While the J. Geils Band formed in the 1960's, they didn't hit their "commercial" stride til the 1970's...and had their biggest success in the 1980's!
The band began as an acoustic blues trio, with John Geils on vocals and guitar, Danny Klein on bass, an…
English vs Modern English in NJ
You might say...that we have our own way of saying things here in New Jersey.
Having said that, let's play a game that I'm calling "English vs Modern English."
English: "Oops...I really screwed that up."
Modern English: "My bad...
Craig Allen's childhood Easter memories
Happy Easter (if appropriate to you)!
As I entertain the Great Garden State (and world) on-air and online this holiday thoughts turn to Easters gone by...
All through my childhood, Easter meant heading to church early, dressed in your "Easter Best...
Tax Day is almost here, New Jersey
Don't panic, New Jersey!
Sorry, there's no Washington D.C. holiday postponing the inevitable this year.
Are you ready?
I always say that I'm going to get my taxes done early. But, somehow, I always end up putting off the chore til just before the due-date...
It's Record Store Appreciation Day
Whether you prefer the "warm" sound that only comes from a vinyl record, or the crisp perfection of an "album" on compact disc, this is the day for you!
I'm talking "12th Annual National Record Store Appreciation Day."
Jersey's Greatest Hits on 8 Track
Will the 8 track ever come back?
Other than in a BIG box of...beloved...cast-offs?
Sure, 8 track tapes had their the songs would be in a different order than on the record album, so that they would fit on the tape cartridge...
What's the weirdest breakfast cereal you've seen in NJ
Obviously, breakfast is big business in New Jersey.
No too long ago, I was reading that millennials weren't that into the "traditional" breakfast...and there was a fear that this might mean the end of the traditional cereal aisle.
I'm thinking that "forecast&qu…

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