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Jersey’s Greatest Foreigner Hits on 8 Track
In my travels across the Great Garden State, I recently came across a treasure-trove of "ancient technology."
Audiophiles are re-discovering the...
..."warmth" of vinyl.
And even the cassette is making a (slight) comeback due to the fact that it's so "r…
Italian Lemon Ricotta Cake
The other day, I took a "break in the action," to grab a cup of coffee, and chat with my neighbor.  She's had both COVID shots, and we're in each other's very small circle of face-to-face friends.
Along with my coffee, she offered me a slice of this home made che…
Professional T.P? Really.
So, I'm in the little boy's room at New Jersey 101.5
The facilities are fully stocked, I notice.
I've been absent-minded-ly looking at the...ummm...paper product (above).
I turn away, and then do a double take, as it hits me:
Toilet Paper is "professional&quo…

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