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Will your kids trick or treat this year?
I'm ready.
I've got my bag of candy.
But, I have a feeling that I'll be enjoying most of this candy myself.
For the last few years, I've only gotten about 25 trick or treaters.
And, that was before COVID-19.
So, will you let your kids go door-to-door...
Craig Allen goes to the MVC
You've seen the pictures here at lines at the Motor Vehicle Commission.
Just recently, Deminski and Doyle were asking you if it's still "that bad" at the MVC.
I've been reading and watching (and listening), with apprehension, knowing it's time to…
Easy recipe for spice cake
Spice up your life, New Jersey.
Long before there was, some of the biggest radio stations put out monthly fan magazines.
I found this recipe in a radio station "fanzine" from the...1930s.
This easy spice cake makes for a great dessert, or snack...
Craig Allen can now league bowl in NJ
From time to time, I talk about it on-air on the weekends on New Jersey 101.5.
For the last couple years, I've been bowling in a league.
Before you get too excited, I'm not that good...just "average."
But I do have fun.
As I say, bowling proves that frustration can be fun (at…
Make Craig Allen's Chili Casserole
I have long felt that my "Chili Casserole" is worthy of being on anyone's "favorite recipes" list...and its a great "go-to" meal. It's comfort food.
This casserole is delicious...a family favorite...that is easy to make.
Brown 1…
A flagpole for 9/11
For as long as I can remember, a flag has always been flying at my Dad's place.
Originally, there was a flag bracket by the garage door.
Later, the flag moved to the driveway it was easier to see/enjoy from the road...
The time Craig Allen was hanging out with Adam Ant
In the late '80s and early '90s, I had the chance to "hang out" some very cool chart-toppers. This is the story about the time I got to "hang out" with Adam Ant.
Adam was born Stuart Goddard, an only child, November 3, 1954, in Marylebone, London, England…
Smile, New Jersey. Pass it along
Yeah, times are tough in our COVID-19 world.
But, you are in charge of your feelings, your mood.
Think positive, New Jersey.
And, pass those vibes along.
Like I saw on a restaurant erase board on the boardwalk in Asbury Park:
"Happiness is contagious...

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