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Craig Allen's Tomato & 2-3 Bean Soup
I'm a busy radio guy.  Time is of the essence.
Many are the days when I don't have the time (or desire) to make something that's really involved.
And, I don't want a dinner out a box, or the freezer.
So, I go look at what's in my pantry, and throw something together...
'One Step' chocolate chip cookies
Lately, I've had a real hankering for some homemade chocolate chip cookies.
But, I've been so busy, that I've had to settle for store cookies.
And, they're OK, but it's not the same.
This recipe is from the 1950' says: "No creaming/No need to beat eggs separ…
Make Craig Allen's Snow Ice Cream
Over the weekend, as we were waiting for the snow, I shared my snow ice cream recipe with you, here at NJ1015.COM.
Now, I can show you how to turn snow into ice cream, step by step.
It's fast...easy...and YUMMY.
And, we have plenty of snow...
English vs Modern English in NJ
You might say...that we have our own way of saying things here in New Jersey.
Having said that, let's play a game that I'm calling "English vs Modern English."
English: "Oops...I really screwed that up."
Modern English: "My bad...
Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over, New Jersey
The sign says it all.
Please party responsibly, tonight.
Don't drink and drive. It sounds trite, but it's true.
Find space on a couch.
Get a room.
Call for a ride (Uber and Lyft will have a BIG night).
New Jersey's men and women in BLUE will be looking out for YOU...
Rock into 2021 with Craig Allen
It's almost over.
(Insert your true feelings about 2020 here)
The year hasn't been a, let's party as it ends.
Join me (Craig Allen) Thursday night.
I'll be playing your favorite PARTY HITS, from 7:00 right up til midnight...
The Christmas without our cat
When I was in first grade, the neighbor's cat had kittens.
I really loved playing with those kitties...and Rene promised that I could have one.
Now, I just had to convince my parents.
No small feat at that age, especially since our "pets" was a tank of topical fish...

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