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Bicentennial era hit record’s story ends in New Jersey
The next time you are on the New Jersey Turnpike or Garden State Parkway, I'm going to bet that this novelty song pops into your head.
"Convoy," sung C.W. McCall, a character voiced by Bill Fries (above)...
...went to #1 on the Billboard pop chart on January 10, 1976...
Happy New Jersey New Year 2019
It was fun playing "Jersey's Greatest Party Hits," and counting down into the New Year with YOU last night.  Thanks for letting us be your New Year's Eve soundtrack.
Now that we're a few hours into 2019, again, let me wish you nothing but the best in 2019...
Rock into 2019 with Craig Allen
It's almost!
Join me (Craig Allen) as we say goodbye to the year that was...and HELLO to a New Year full of promise!
I'll be playing "Jersey's Hits"--commercial free--from 7:00 right up til midnight.
ROCKIN' your New Year's Eve...
Craig Allen’s Christmas Favorites 2018
Jersey's "Holiday Hits" have been ruling the weekend airwaves here at New Jersey 101.5 since Thanksgiving.
Christmas lights up the Jersey night sky.
You, our listeners, are lashing trees to the top of your mini-vans...

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