Christmas music CDs that overflow shelf space...onto the floor! (Craig Allen photo).
Christmas music CDs that overflow shelf space...onto the floor. (Craig Allen photo)

I do have stacks and stacks of "Ho-Ho-Hits."

Feeling adventurous....feeling that I wanted to hear something different...

...I popped the Buffett disc in my computer and sat down to peruse the liner notes. I have a tendency to do that too...after all, my favorite artists (and/or the record label publicity department) spend time crafting liner notes for a reason:  I can often find an interesting "factoid."

For example, I hadn't even finished reading the opening sentence, when the head "Parrot Head" reminded me that we have something in common:

A Christmas Day birthday.

Thankfully, I can say that Jimmy Buffett has many more candles to blow out today than I do.

1996 Liner Notes...the story in Jimmy Beffett's own words! (Craig Allen photo).
1996 Liner Notes...his story in Jimmy Buffett's own words. (Craig Allen photo)

He was born James William Buffett on Christmas Day in 1946, at Pascagoula, Mississippi...spending part of his childhood in Mobile, Alabama.

Jimmy was musically inclined at an early age...playing the trombone in his elementary school band.

His grandfather was a sailor, which exposed Buffett to sailing as a child...and this would have an influence on his life, and his music.

Jimmy picked up the guitar during his freshman year in college. He would graduate with a history degree.

Jimmy Buffett spent time as a Billboard magazine correspondent in Nashville...he would also launch his music career there, as a country music artist.

When that didn't really pan out, Buffett went to work as a first mate on a yacht in Key West, while perfecting his "sound."

A combination of country, folk, rock, and pop...with tropical lyrical called "gulf and western."

Gulf and Western + laid back, "beach bum" persona = Jimmy Buffett.

Jimmy Buffet has parlayed the music and the attitude into other projects including books and movies and TV appearances, along with theme restaurants.


From one "Christmas Baby" to another:

Happy Birthday, Jimmy Buffett.

Make a wish when you blow out those candles.

And, may your fondest wish come true, sir.

P.S. Thanks for all the great, feel-good music over the years.

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