Everything changes so quickly now...technology is advancing at a dizzying pace.  Almost daily, it seems.

And that fact got me to thinking about what "ordinary" and "daily use" things of the "past" are now outmoded...are obsolete in New Jersey.

I wrote about it, here at nj1015.com, a few weeks back (click here)...and you guys gave me more ideas.

Let's do a "Round 2."

For example, the reference books above...no shelf space is needed/wasted, when you've got the internet.

Along those lines...Working on a report or term paper?

Seen in the Hillsborough High School library. (Craig Allen photo)

The ever-present set of encyclopedias promised the world, at your fingertips.

Look...2014. WOW. That recent?

I'm reading (online) that Billy Joel consulted the Encyclopedia Britannica after writing "We Didn't Start The Fire," just to make sure that his history memories were accurate.

Encyclopedia Britannica now exists online.

Remember when you'd take a full roll of color pictures, then drop it off at the store, and wait a few days for your photos to come back?

The Polaroid Camera. A color picture in 60 seconds. (Craig Allen photo)

Now, waiting even 60 seconds for your picture to "develop" would be too long.

"Shake it...

...like a Polaroid picture."  Thanks, Outkast.

Then, there's the photo album...

The family photo album. I see...me. (Craig Allen photo)

I just gave my mom over 100 photos on a small thumb drive. There's room for hundreds more. She loves scrolling through them on her laptop.

Let's turn to TV.

Have you heard of the Watchman? (Craig Allen photo)

The "Walkman" lasted longer.

The Watchman didn't get cable. Of course, now it literally gets nothing, since the "digital TV conversion" in 2009.

For those of you who might want a slightly...

Get the best curbside view in town. (Craig Allen photo)

...bigger screen.

I (briefly) considered buying one of these behemoths in my Philly radio days...but had no idea how I could (easily) get it home.  Even in the late '90s, as the price dropped, the days were numbered for this type of "big screen."

Before you could check the TV schedule (for hundreds of channels, and get show summaries) on your "flat screen"...

Wow...a printed TV Guide. (Craig Allen photo)

The TV Guide showed up in your mailbox.

I thought the TV Guide had been long gone, before I found this "recent" (2019) paper copy. "Only" $4.99, over the counter.

At that price, it might as well be gone.

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