It's Mother's Day...I was visiting my Mother...and as I do at home, I went for a walk.

It's good to get some sunshine, fresh air...and exercise (before the rain returns)!

Hey...come along with me!


"The road...taken." (Craig Allen photo).


We'll take the first right out of my mother's neighborhood...and put one foot in front of the other!

This quiet "country road" winds around a few corners...

Flooding done.  Horses? Not a problem! (Craig Allen photo).

...and soon, you're approaching...

This bridge has...bridged the creek since about 1900. (Craig Allen photo).

...the bridge. Should I check for trolls?

As I said under the photo at the at the top of the page... relaxing! (Craig Allen photo).

...I can almost hear the babbling brook, while enjoying this tranquil scene!

Shall we continue? We MUST! There's much more to see!

Didn't that road sign say...

NEIGH! (Craig Allen photo).


Is GRASS really that YUMMY? (Craig Allen photo).

"Here, horsey!" I hear myself exclaim!


1 "horse power." (Craig Allen photo).

...I have a new best friend. Its only NOW that I realize that I don't have a sugar cube or carrot! OOPS! A nice, friendly "pat" will have to do!

Directly across from the horse pasture... the "Rehab Addict!" (Craig Allen photo).

A true "fixer-upper!" If you look closely, this "prime property" comes complete with a roof TV antenna! What's not to love?

"Come and knock on our door?" NOT! (Craig Allen photo).

In all seriousness...Mom tells me that this is the original house for all the area property! A "big wig" judge from the city built it (in the early 1900's) that he would have "a place out in the country."

Shall we continue to explore this "country?"

It's still the road...taken! (Craig Allen photo).

Here, where the road comes to a "T," we'll go...right...

Of course, there's one of these on our walk! (Craig Allen photo).

And, check out the "little red barn" to the left!

Just a little further down the road, to my right...

Let us bow our heads... (Craig Allen photo).

...its my mother's church! It was busier...earlier this morning!

A little further "down the road..."

It's a man-made...HILL! (Craig Allen photo).

I guess that this is "progress."

Hmmmm...I don't see anybody

Are you game to walk with me to the summit? (Craig Allen photo).

Let's explore! Come ON!

A quick look over my shoulder...where are you? (Craig Allen photo).

Just a little more to go...

Up here..."I'm the King Of The World!" (Craig Allen photo).

Look closely...can you see the church steeple in the photo? Look again.

Spring has SPRUNG! (Craig Allen photo).

Back at "sea level," I'll gladly take ALL of these...

No. Sorry. (Craig Allen photo).

...over even ONE of these!

As we walk along, the road "T's" again...and we'll turn right.

"Here's your sign(s), New Jersey!" (Craig Allen photo.

And, before you know it...

Any trolls here? (Craig Allen photo).

..we're walking up to another bridge....and off to the right...

The creek is STILL babbling! (Craig Allen photo).

...another view of the creek that we crossed earlier!

To my left...

"Distressed" siding? (Craig Allen photo).

This rather...rustic...edifice. But wait...

What? Where?! (Craig Allen photo).

...there's more!

This...should be...hidden. (Craig Allen photo).

This "little red barn" on my left, has...lets just say...seen better times! In my mind, it belongs in some sort of an "Alice In Wonderland" world!

Nope...nothing here for those "pickers" on TV! (Craig Allen photo).

I would worry as I walk closer and closer to it...but, I have been watching the building...lean...for about 15 years!

And, right next door:

This place is right out of "Mayberry." And, sadly, it's never came back fom there. (Craig Allen photo).

This was (once) a nice, country storefront (I assume).

Dated...advertising? (Craig Allen photo).

And, its been a few years since this window sticker was...current. One more, I assume.

A few feet further (literally), we come across this "home."

Another "fixer-upper!" (Craig Allen photo).

It needs some tender loving care, as well! What is the deal here, you ask?

The past...was good! (Craig Allen photo).

This building has quite the history! I hope that it has...a future!

Let's keep walking...

The road twists here... (Craig Allen photo).

...Now, Mom is waiting for us to return!

And, the road will turn up there! (Craig Allen photo).

I, you are feeling like this is "The Long And Winding Road."

At the intersection, we have turned to the right, once more! (Craig Allen photo).

Winding, yes. Long, NO.

We're almost "home!" I'm serious!

This is mom's the right. (Craig Allen).

If you follow that are starting over again.

I'll stop at mom's front door.

All of this "local color" is part of a 2 & 1/2 mile round trip. Verified by my Fitbit!

I hope that you enjoyed this walk "out in the country" as much as I did!

Three Dog Night...sums it up nicely!

Might I suggest that you...listen to the music...and walk with me...again?

Thanks for making it ALL possible, MOM! I LOVE YOU! (Craig Allen photo archives).

And...a Happy Mother's Day to my Mom...and all moms everywhere!