Mother’s Day is coming up and for many of us taking mom out to a nice brunch is a wonderful way to show our appreciation for all that mom has done for us.

Brunch is a great idea, it is also an extremely popular idea, so you have to make reservations as soon as you can gather the people involved in the brunch celebration.

I am a huge fan of brunch, a good brunch. I am not an enthusiastic fan of brunch buffets. Let us just say the reasons are many. My lovely niece is usually with me on these occasions, and she takes care of me making the trek up to the buffet and grabbing what she knows I like.

I have on occasion enjoyed an exceptionally good brunch in New Jersey. With Mother’s Day coming up I decided to share my favorite brunch restaurants with you that will impress mom and bring happiness to those celebrating the day with her.

In no particular order:

The Buttered Biscuit - Bradley Beach, NJ

There is a reason every time I go to the Buttered Biscuit there is a wait to get in. It is an extremely popular breakfast and lunch destination. Once you try their food, you will know why all the excitement. I like eggs benedict and they have so many choices to fulfill your eggs Benedict craving.

The food is comfort-based, and it is good, particularly good. The egg dishes, biscuits and even their lunch choices like their meatloaf are delicious. A great casual but satisfying place to take mom on her special day.

Orchard Park by David Burke - East Brunswick, NJ

David Burke knows how to make brunch. I talked to him about this very concept, and he stated that effort, creativity, and experience should all be at the highest level when serving brunch.

I am here to tell you he has achieved that status as one of the best brunch restaurants in New Jersey. David puts out seasonal homemade donuts which are so good, he has choices for your eggs benedict, steak and eggs, a brunch burger and the standard chicken and waffles and grits too.

The food is excellent, you can kick back and let mom have a couple of appletinis and enjoy the experience. You will enjoy Orchard Park.

Willow and Wisk - Wycoff, NJ

The Willow and Wisk is a down-to-earth restaurant that has exceptionally tasty food. It is comfort food at its best and the choices are simple but plentiful. Pancakes including cinnamon swirl pancakes will make you crave more; they are incredibly good.

They have great omelets and even a breakfast burger, all exceptionally good. Worth a trip with mom on her special day or another time you can enjoy the food.

Molly Pitcher - Red Bank, NJ

I have been to the Molly Pitcher frequently and the food never disappoints. They have a huge brunch buffet that extends into two rooms. The choices are abundant with standard offerings like eggs, bacon, and sausage, then a beef carving station, an omelet station and other amenities and choice of dishes add to the enjoyable experience.

You need to make a reservation early so that you can guarantee your table. Enjoy.

Rats - Hamilton, NJ

Forget the name of the restaurant and engulf yourself in the surrounding Grounds for Sculpture which fits perfectly for a great morning or afternoon followed by brunch at Rats.

The brunch at Rats is simple and to the point, interesting choices include my favorite the onion soup, the cheese charcuterie, and the Rats burger. Other menu items have a leaning toward lunch with a breakfast thought. A full bar will make you enjoy your experience more.

A fulfilling day out in Hamilton.

Blue Pig Tavern - Cape May, NJ

The first time I went to the Blue Pig Tavern I was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere is extremely comfortable, and the food is particularly good, teetering on comfort and upscale offerings.

At breakfast one of my favorite dishes is the Blue Pig skillet with sausage, chorizo, eggs, hash browns and more, it is incredibly good. They have a breakfast burger with sausage and egg on a brioche bun that is also particularly good.

They serve brunch with a combination of lunch and breakfast choices. It is a wonderful place to relax, and kickback have an adult beverage or two and celebrate mom on her special day.

Taylor Sam’s - Brick, NJ

You got to love a restaurant that features New Jersey’s state meat, Taylor ham. You can get this in all forms at Taylor Sam’s in Brick. They also just opened one in St. Petersburg, FL.

Taylor Sam’s thrives on their motto of scratch cooking. I can attest that the food is exceptionally good and fresh. I love the choices that they have and no matter what I want I always add a Taylor ham creation that they have at Taylor Sam’s, you have to it is the law.

This is a great comfort hang with particularly good homemade food that you will enjoy. Try the cold brew coffee, it is incredibly good.

Kitchen 87 - Mt. Holly, NJ

A walk into Kitchen 87 and it feels like you are at a friend’s house. The food is incredibly good, and everything is from scratch. Take your time ordering there are many choices, and it is good to try and sample so many.

The breakfast sandwiches are great, and the omelets and choices are many. Mom will like the no rush, enjoyable food, and the company for her brunch experience, so will you.

These are a handful of my favorite places for brunch. I hope that you get the chance to enjoy a restaurant or two on this list. Happy Mother’s Day.

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