As you may remember, we introduced you all to #CharlieTheButcher during our famous #MeatDay episode a year ago.

My daughter Elizabeth met her boyfriend Charlie last year in London and they've been a great couple ever since. Yes, we got through the first introductions just fine.

And, of course we've had them on the podcast! If you think that I make you hungry talking about food in the morning, just wait till you see Charlie's instagram, seriously, ya gotta follow him.

Turns out the skill and talent run in the family. Charlies dad, Jason, is the sales director for Neals Yard in the United Kingdom. Which means he's the guy behind some of the best cheeses served in some of the finest restaurants in London. That brings me to New York City where Jodi and I will be having brunch with Jason.

Jodi met Jason in London a few months ago and I'm meeting him for the first time. The question I posed to you was, where to go? We love NYC, but there are literally thousands of restaurants to choose from so I'm gonna need a little help narrowing down the choices.

What's your pick for the best brunch in NYC to take a food expert? Use the hashtag #BrunchWithJason and send your ideas on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!

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