What a morning. We had a crowded studio and a room full of delicious meat dishes to celebrate the first annual #MeatDay!

My daughter Elizabeth joined us bringing her boyfriend, #CharlieTheButcher in to share his skills as a butcher and chef. He did not disappoint. Skilled, friendly and creative. The steak dish with peanuts and Asian noodles and pork sandwich were huge hits and nearly fully consumed before the end of the show.

Kevin Beetel also joined us sharing his venison dishes from his last hunt, sausage, loin and buffalo venison burgers. Awesome. Of course we couldn't have a #MeatDay without beverages! Thanks to Adam Geller we had beer. He is not only a connoisseur of meat and beer but also serves as a pollster for President Donald Trump. Think he's had a busy couple of weeks?

The day started with the smell of pulled pork wafting through the air as Eric Scott's pulled pork heated in a slow cooker. We also had a huge prime rib brought in by our friends at the Ewing Diner. Yes, it was rare. Perfect. Our own morning show "personal Italian chef' Cara Difalco was on hand sharing her turkey burgers, which were delicious despite her having to improvise on cooking technique...seems I may have offered a grill that we didn't actually have on hand.

Thanks to the #SpeakingMillennial podcast crew (and of course our sponsor Vinnie Brand) we also had cheese steaks from Chicks Deli in Cherry Hill. Credit to Jay Black for picking up the local favorites, and Jessica for reminding him. Then there's Vinnie who decided to play the old fashioned Italian father and grill Charlie...suggesting that my daughter was his "pathway to citizenship" Charlie took it in stride.

One of the highlights was Patrick Lavery and his wife Kristen "popping over" to be in studio to enjoy the #MeatDay festivities...on his day off! True team players.

All in all a good day. It was even Geller's birthday, how better to celebrate than with the NJ 101.5 morning crew and a full selection of meat and beer?

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