NORTH BRUNSWICK — Just a few weeks after township police located an alleged bank robber described as having "multiple chins," law enforcement is now looking for a robber with a much different description.

Police reported that Valley National Bank on route 27 was robbed on the afternoon of Nov. 9. The suspect was described as a woman, seen wearing a blue shirt and green jacket with what appears to be a Chevrolet hat, according to police, who released pictures from the bank's surveillance system.

"The female indicated that she is armed, so please do not do anything more than reaching out to us," the department said in a statement.

It was two weeks ago that accused bank robber Mark Elbaum, 52, of Hillsborough, was arrested in connection with several robberies across the state. One of the last bank branches Elbaum is accused of attempting to rob was the same Valley National Bank branch the woman is accused of robbing in North Brunswick.

Police are asking anyone with information about the woman to call 732-247-0922 ext. 333. Information can be submitted anonymously.

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