Here in New Jersey, we are surrounded by American History.

From major battles in Morristown, Princeton, and skirmishes everywhere in between.

We are so used to this (or unaware, possibly), that we take little notice.

I was walking on a recent sunny afternoon when I came across the Historical Marker seen at the top of the page.

Read it! (Craig Allen photo).
Read it. (Craig Allen photo)

I read the marker...and learned something.

I can almost see some tents...mess kits...and camp fires... (Craig Allen photo).
I can almost see tents...mess kits...and campfires... (Craig Allen photo)

I didn't know that the troops encamped where the Manville (Somerset County) Public Library stands today...(and throughout the general area, as the marker states).

Do yourself a favor...the next time you see a Historical Marker, take a few moments out of your hectic New Jersey life...and read it.

Here in New Jersey, we live, work, and walk in the footsteps of history.

New Jersey was...and important part of this story we call "America."

After all, New Jersey is the "Crossroads of the Revolution."

I've had this since I was a kid. (Craig Allen photo).
I've had this since I was a kid. (Craig Allen photo)

And, some of our New Jersey towns have "nicknames," too.

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