Happy 4th of July, New Jersey!

Enjoy the day...remember the reason why we celebrate. And, remember those who sacrificed for our freedom!

In 1975...with the Bicentennial just around the corner...New Jersey drivers had the option to buy a special license plate, celebrating America's 200th birthday.


"NJ 76" (Craig Allen photo).
"NJ 76" (Craig Allen photo).

It LEGALLY covered ("bolted over") your front license plate until February 1, 1977.

One of my neighbors had an "extra," and sold it to the "kid" (me) at a garage sale.

I believe that I bought it for a dollar (maybe $2)...and then proudly presented it to my Dad...who put this commemorative license plate on the family station wagon.

Sorry, the SUV was a long way off. Even the family-friendly "Caravan" was a few years in the future.

On February 1, the plate came off the car...and my Dad gave it back to me.

I put it back in it's original plastic sleeve...and put it in a "safe place."

In 1977.

I just found my "NJ 76" Bicentennial license plate...in a box of assorted "kid stuff."

It's America's 242nd birthday.

Should you want one of these special plates NOW, New Jersey...they can be found online...going for anything from $5 to $50 (unopened, in the original sleeve).

Mine is in much better shape than most...and, it's NOT for sale.

Looks good, right? (Craig Allen photo).
Looks good, right? (Craig Allen photo).

Hmmmm...were I to leave it on today...how long would it take for one of New Jersey's finest to issue me a ticket?

Minutes...on a busy driving day like today?


Nope...I'm not "taking one for the team" on this one!

So...we'll never know, New Jersey!

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