Yes, there will be a National Record Store Day this year.

As a matter of fact, there will be two days of celebrations of all things vinyl this year.

Organizers say this is due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, and the fact that "production and shipping is still in a state of struggle."

The Record store "drops dates" are June 12th and July 17th.

Special Queen vinyl that I found at a past Record Store Day. (Craig Allen photo)
Special Queen vinyl that I found at a past Record Store Day. (Craig Allen photo)

There will be specific albums, singles, and special releases scheduled for each of the two days.

So far, 26 independent record stores across New Jersey have pledged their participation, including stores in Princeton, Bordentown, Asbury Park, Union, Belmar, Bayville, Trenton, Pittman, Red Bank, Hackensack, and more.

Among the artists with Record Store Drop Days goodies of interest to New Jersey 101.5 music lovers: AC/DC, The Clash, DEVO, Dire Straits, The FIXX, Genesis, Elton John, The Kinks, Kenny Loggins, Motley Crue, Robert Palmer, Tom Petty, The Police, Prince, Queen, Steely Dan, Styx, Donna Summer, and U2.

For a list of Record Store Day titles, and participating locations, click here.

Remember, all the participating stores make their own buying decisions, and may not have every featured album, or single, that you may want.

And, when supplies run out, that is it.

Rock me, Falco. (Craig Allen photo)
Rock me, Falco. (Craig Allen photo)

That being said, this year, vinyl fans have two days til you drop.

Enjoy, New Jersey.

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