Over the weekend, as we were waiting for the snow, I shared my snow ice cream recipe with you, here at NJ1015.COM.

Now, I can show you how to turn snow into ice cream, step by step.

It's fast...easy...and YUMMY.

And, we have plenty of snow.


1 egg (beat thoroughly)

1 C sugar

1 can (12 oz) evaporated, condensed milk (NOT the sweetened kind).

1 T vanilla

Serve your snow ice cream immediately, as it melts quickly.

Enjoy a bowl as is...or top with your favorite toppings.

When not serving, put the BIG mixer bowl of ice cream in the freezer.

Cover, and store, "leftover" snow ice cream in freezer....it keeps, just like "store" ice cream.

Make Craig Allen's Snow Ice Cream

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