You may have heard that a fair amount of snow is coming our way.

Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow will keep us up to date, on-air, and here at, as conditions change all weekend.

Other than shovel it, what can we do with lots of Jersey snow?

We can always...EAT it.



It's fast...easy...and YUMMY.

I can't show you in pictures, step by step, because the snow isn't here yet, but I can give you the "recipe" so that you are ready when this winter bounty arrives.


1 egg (beat thoroughly)

1 C sugar

1 T vanilla flavoring

1 can (14oz) evaporated, condensed milk (NOT the sweetened kind).

While all this is mixing together, in the electric mixer...

...its time to "harvest" the snow.

Go outside, and get a big bowl of fresh snow out of a "snow drift."

Add snow, one cup at a time, to the ingredients in the mixer, until its the consistency of soft serve, or a little thicker.

Serve your snow ice cream immediately, as it melts quickly.

Enjoy a bowl as is...or top with your favorite toppings.

I like lots of chocolate syrup on my snow ice cream.

When not serving, put the BIG mixer bowl of ice cream in the freezer.

Cover, and store, "leftover" snow ice cream in keeps, just like "store" ice cream.

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