I've been driving for a LOT of years.

I've been behind the wheel on main the highways, the back roads, and the interstates, all over this great country of ours.

But, the vast majority of my daily (and nightly) driving, has been in New Jersey.

Having said that...

"Tools Of The Trade" in my home studio. (Craig Allen photo)
"Tools Of The Trade" in my home radio studio. (Craig Allen photo)

I've been working from home, Monday through Friday ... working on radio shows ... since a year before the onset of COVID-19.

But I drive to New Jersey 101.5 on the weekends to play "New Jersey's Greatest Hits."

And, I run errands...and make grocery store runs, just like you.

Having said that ...

I've been noticing over the last few years ... but it seems to be worse since COVID-19, that there's a growing ... lack of common courtesy on the roads.

Especially at night, New Jersey.


In the "good old days" (the '90s), when I had my Little Red...

Proud new owner of this AWESOME '88 CRX, in 1994. (Craig Allen photo archives)
Proud new owner of this AWESOME '88 CRX, in 1994. (Craig Allen photo archives)

...Honda CRX, occasionally, I'd be "blinded" by the oncoming trucks and SUVs.

No problem.

I would let it go, because my CRX was so low to the ground, that even some low beams seemed like high beams.

By my car, in front of NJ101.5, doing a "weather report." (Chris Eannucci photo)
By my car, in front of NJ101.5, doing a "weather report." (Chris Eannucci photo)

In my present-day car, I'm at the same height as most other cars.

Please DIM your HIGH BEAMS, fellow New Jersey night-time driver.

Isn't this "courtesy" taught anymore?

Shouldn't dimming your high beams for oncoming traffic be common sense?

Further, with "new" cars having "running lights" ...

Even this "car" has "running lights," (Jess Frank photo)
Even this "car" has "running lights. High Beams are not an option.  (Jess Frank photo)

...I've encountered drivers with their high beams on, in broad daylight.


Sorry, high beams are not supposed to be all-the-time beams.

You're blinding me, when you're in the opposite lane, coming at me.

If you're behind me, and lighting up the night-time road in front of me, more than I am ...hat's a problem, too.

You've seen the signs around road construction sites, urging you to slow down, right?

Let me adopt and add to the idea: "Give Us A Brake" and dim your high beams.

And, don't get me started on drivers who don't use turn signals.

Thanks for letting me rant, New Jersey.

And, Bruce Springsteen....thanks for the article title inspiration.

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