It used to be, that my cell phone would only ring when it was someone that I want to, or need to, hear from.

I guard my cell number...very few people have it (and are in my contact list).

Sure, I still have my's part of my cable package. So, it's almost free....


I turned the landline ringer off about 2 years that phone number had become a (constant) favorite of scam artists, and politicians. Basically, the same thing, right?

Sadly, the "do not call" no longer a deterrent!


The number of scam calls has increased (greatly) on my cell phone (as it probably has on your cell, too).

This is an...annoyance.

If I don't recognize the number, I let it go to voicemail.

Inevitably, it's: "I've been trying to reach you about your utility bill...your student loans..." and on and on. Just FYI scammers: I already have solar...and I paid off my loans years ago. And, no (sadly), I don't have any kids. No new student loans, or rate relief, is  necessary.

Hold on...(literally)...

My phone is ringing again!

Suddenly, where a contact name would come up, or a number, my screen reads:

I'll trust the warning (Craig Allen photo).
I'll trust the warning (Craig Allen photo).

I let it go to voicemail, and go on with my life.


But what is this? Is it...real? Is it Official? Is it reliable?

Or, is it a scam of its own?

A quick internet search says that my provider has begun doing this as a service to its subscribers.

The "scam" designation automatically replaces the phone number on the screen, if that number is known to be, or suspected to be, a scammer.


Might I suggest that ALL New Jersey cell service providers take a page out of my provider's new would give all of New Jersey something to smile about!



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