I've been talking about it for years on New Jersey 101.5...and writing about it here at nj1015.com!

Such courteous neighbors! (Craig Allen photo).

My neighborhood tractor race is the social event of this Memorial Day weekend!

Even I need to fuel up, before racing! (Craig Allen photo archives).

We'll be partying all afternoon...then racing lawn tractors through the streets for about 5 minutes...and then partying into the night!

Race History. (Craig Allen photo).

Truly, it's the social event of the year...

Race time draws near! (Craig Allen photo).

...in my neighborhood!

I was looking for pictures for another nj101.5 article, when I came across a treasure trove of race pictures (MORE) from over the years...that I have to share!

And, that includes a "snap" of my first year entry:

My first race...the human powered "tractor." (Craig Allen photo archives).

I didn't have a tractor, so I duct taped a lawn chair to the mower deck, and my Dad sat in the chair! I pushed him, the whole race...and I didn't come in last!

The next year, I had a tractor!  Note the "license plate." (Craig Allen photo archives).

Then...there was the "MowerCycle..."

2011...and I'm feeling pretty good about this "tractor." (Craig Allen photo archives).

Here's another look...on the "race course!" Notice the competition is nowhere to be seen!

This thing is...FAST! (Craig Allen photo archives).

No kidding...I WON!

Trophy in hand. (Craig Allen photo).

More photo fun...

Readying the waterworks. (Craig Allen photo).

...from over the years...

MORE waterworks...proving that it's...fun for ALL ages! (Craig Allen photo).

...of this annual event...

Barry wants to stay...dry-ish. (Craig Allen photo).

Don't look back!

Even with family, a racer is a fair target! (Craig Allen photo archives).

So...neighbors...rev up your engines...

And...they're off! (Craig Allen photo archives).

...fill those super soakers...

No one is dry! (Craig Allen photo archives).

...and let the water balloons fly!

"Look, Ma! No hands!" (Craig Allen photo archives).

Because it's race time!

Will FedEx Pat have a "sponsor" this year? (Craig Allen photo).