It was really nice, almost like summer, late Wednesday afternoon.

I looked at my 'to do' list, and the clock, and decided that I had enough time to walk to the store.

Sunshine and fresh air, not to mention putting lots of steps on my Fitbit, is a good thing when I spend so much time in a radio studio without windows to the outside world.

So, I'm walking to the mega-mart, when I see what have to be pennies ahead, shining brightly in the Jersey sunshine.

"Brother, can you spare a dime" and a few pennies? (Craig Allen photo).

9 pennies and a dime, to be exact.

When I go through the self-check out lane, the "change" potion of my purchase total is 22 cents.

3 cents short. I didn't have any other coins in my pocket.

As I'm walking home (on the opposite side of the road), I encounter more shiny objects.

More spare change. Nice. (Craig Allen photo).

18 pennies, and a dime. It must be my lucky day.

At least 2 people had decided that a few pennies had no value, and threw their change out the car window.

Fair enough, but eventually, enough of nothing can add up to something.

Last Monday, the New Jersey gas tax went up again...another 4.3 cents per gallon (and that isn't the only recent tax increase, New Jersey, as Jeff Deminski points out, when you click here).

So, I start thinking...

My car needs a fill...and a wash. (Craig Allen photo).

My car has a 10 gallon gas tank.

"Nothing" adds up to 47 cents.

Meaning that my next fill-up is essentially New Jersey increased gas tax-free.

With 4 cents to spare.

And, that's not "nothing," New Jersey.