I don't think that I am straying into controversial territory here...I believe we can all agree that ice cream...in a cone or a dish...is one of the simple joys of life!

Especially during a "Big Summer Of Fun Weekend" in New Jersey!

And, that love of this iced dairy product (OK...mostly dairy), has been handed down through the generations.

Yes...there's a story here!

Grab a seat...relax...it's story time! (Craig Allen photo).
Grab a seat...relax...it's story time! (Craig Allen photo).

Years ago...we'd all be sitting around the family dinner table...and, when the ice cream would arrive...my grandfather would get that certain gleam in his eyes. He'd start to laugh...and then say: "Did I ever tell you the story about the time when..."

World War I was raging, and he had signed onto a Navy transport ship.

My grandfather was underage...and had rarely been off the farm in rural Wisconsin at the time.

His troop ship went back and forth to France 15 times during the conflict.

This "small town boy" loved the "beauty" of Paris...and the "bright lights of the big city" of New York.

When his ship would dock in Manhattan, he and some of his buddies would often take in a movie during shore leave.  This was the days of the ornate "movie palaces"...with plush seats, chandeliers, and a live orchestra providing the soundtrack for the flickering images up on the big screen.

Take note that "the talkies" were at least 10 years in the future.

And, no...you didn't buy popcorn and a box of junior mints in the lobby!

Boys/Ushers would troll through the movie audience, yelling:

"Ice Cream.....Ice....Cream...I SCREAM for...Ice ...Cream!"

Which brings me to NOW.

The other day, in my travels, I pass this sign:

"Crea?" Crazy! (Craig Allen photo).
"Crea?" Crazy! (Craig Allen photo).

It's a warm day, and the thought of ice cream...NOW...has my attention.

After I have passed, I realize the "spelling" on the sign.

And...reflexively...I look  in my rear view mirror...

I've heard of a gallon of ice cream. A "pen?" (Craig Allen photo).
I've heard of a gallon of ice cream. But...a "pen?" (Craig Allen photo).

...and I see the "reverse" side of the mobile sign.

Now, I realize that the misspellings are intentional.

A lack of letters brings on creativity.

And notice.

This 2-sided sign got my attention!

A "pen" full of anything is a lot, right?

I'll be right back...as...


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