"Every Who down in Who-ville liked Christmas a lot...

But the Grinch, Who lived just north of Who-ville, did Not!"

50th Anniversary Edition! (Craig Allen photo).

The opening lines of Theodore Seuss Geisel's ("Dr. Seuss") classic "How The Grinch Stole Christmas."

I like Christmas, and the rehabilitated Grinch a lot...and so do my neighbors!

But first, a little history:

The story book debuted during the Christmas season in 1957.

The Grinch arrived ("In Color") on our TV screens for the first time on December 18, 1966.

In my youth, we all jumped into the "family truckster" on Christmas Eve for the about-18-hour drive (in heavy snow most years) from New Jersey to Wisconsin, to celebrate Christmas with my grandparents.

One of the first years that I was old enough to remember the trip, the car radio didn't work...so my fast-thinking mom recorded the "Grinch" with our little "Craig" (brand) reel to reel tape recorder! We LISTENED to the Grinch for hundreds of miles...and I was hooked...

In "Whoville" they say...the Grinch's heart grew 3 times that day. (Craig Allen photo/screenshot).

...even without the colorful, imaginative TV pictures.

Needless to say, in my life, the Grinch is "Must-See TV!"

In the years before the VCR, one could only catch the Grinch at his best/worst once a year.

I bought my first VCR as a senior in college (University of Wisconsin-Madison)...and recorded the green guy "Who's" "heart was two sizes too small."

Friends would come to my room (an adult beverage in hand) and settle in for a festive showing...I was very popular in my dorm for being able to "time-shift" the Grinch!

At the same time, my now-neighbors, Jerry and Helen, were watching the Grinch with their pals at Rutgers...and taking it to a whole new level!

Behold: "Grinchfest" was born!

"WHO HASH" won at "Grinchfest." (Craig Allen photo)

Grinchy (multiple choice) questions were posted...and the competition was on! "Who" knew the  most about the Grinch...Max...the Who's...and Who-ville? Prizes were awarded for different levels of Grinch knowledge!

Then, all winners (and those who needed further "study") would gather around the glowing tube for the sacred video-tape showing of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas!"

Aaaah....the 1980's!

I've been "Grinching" by dvd since the late 90's! (Craig Allen photo)

My first "Grinchfest" was in 1991...and I made many new friends among fellow Grinch-devotees that cold December night!

Wearing my 1991 Grinchfest Run shirt. (Chris Eannucci photo).

We donned our commemorative "Grinchfest" T-shirts, and wandered the house (bottle or glass of "holiday cheer" in hand), filling in our multiple-choice Grinch answer sheets.

Then, feeling a "warm glow," it was time for...the "Grinchfest Run!"

Sure...it makes perfect sense to run the (icy) streets of the (entire) neighborhood...

I wish that I had one of these to wear that night! (Craig Allen photo).

...somewhat tipsy...showing off your (short sleeve) Grinch T-shirt!


After all, if the Grinch could brave the cold and the snow, so could YOU.

"10,000 feet up the side of Mt. Crumpit!" (Chris Eannucci photo).

One aside here...some invitees didn't make it to "Grinchfest 1991," as a bad cold bug was going around. And, suffice it to say...the "run" didn't help me (or anyone else) feel better the next day. That was the first...and LAST "Grinchfest Run." EVER.

There have been many "Grinchfests" since my first...

Proof of "Grinchfest Millenium Edition!" (Craig Allen photo)

...always so much FUN!

Watching the Grinch...at a "Grinchfest" past. (Craig Allen photo archives).

The holidays are a busy time for all "Who" girls and boys...and, sadly, that means that "Grinchfest" doesn't come every year.

I won the the Grinchfest Quiz, and the coveted can of Who Hash in 2014! (Craig Allen photo archives).

But...last night...

The Grinch & his dog, Max...don't "come from a store," they're homemade! (Craig Allen photo)

"It came...just the same!"

A new game greets "Grinchfest" revelers this year:

The correct movie? "Die Hard" (Craig Allen photo).

Mismatched quotes from favorite Christmas movies are posted throughout the house! C'mon...

How many of these "Christmas classics" can you quote? (Craig Allen photo).

...give it your best shot...

Answering the  on-TV quiz questions via phone, as it's almost 2019! (Craig Allen photo).

...before moving on to the On-Line 2018 Edition "Grinchfest Quiz."

After the winner is revealed...

Even Callie is mesmerized by the Grinch. (Craig Allen photo).

...the "mean one" appears on the "big screen!"

Of course, "Grinchfest" (also) means food (and drink) and...merriment.

Party! (Craig Allen photo).

The true spirit of "Grinchfest" will live on "as long as we have we..(and we)...have hands to clasp."

I'm a "Grinch Geek!" Some of my Grinchy Goodies from a store.  But, they mean so much more! (Craig Allen photo)

"Merry Grinchmas!"