On Friday night, do you ask yourself: "What can I do for fun?"

Cars, food and fellowship...enjoy street-side dining. (Craig Allen photo).

Do you like "classic" cars?  And...food?  If the answer is YES...

I can almost see "John Milner" (Harrison Ford) behind the wheel. (Craig Allen photo).

Head to Main Street, downtown Somerville (Somerset County).

Thanks for making this a Somerville tradition! (Craig Allen photo).

Check out "Somerville Cruise Night."

Craig Allen "incognito" in Somerville. Love the Imperial! (Craig Allen photo archives).

Every Friday night, from now til Labor Day, Main Street fills with classic cars, and classic car fans, from 6 til 9pm.

Elvis would love this 1970 Caddy! (Craig Allen photo).

It's been happening for years.

"Artistic" Corvette shot. (Craig Allen photo).

29 years.

3 "Vettes" all in a row! (Craig Allen photo).

And, that means that a car that was new the first year (1989) would now be considered "Historic" by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission! CRAZY.

I've seen Econoline vans...but, never one as a "truck." (Craig Allen photo).

So, if you're looking for something fun and different to do on a Friday night, head to downtown Somerville.

"Love me a Camaro..." (Craig Allen photo).

See the cars...see your friends and neighbors...and enjoy all that downtown Somerville has to offer: lots of interesting shops, and restaurants! And great PIZZA, too.

"...and a Mustang." GIDDYUP! (Craig Allen photo).

And lots of classic cars!

"Classic." Historic. (Craig Allen photo).

If you want more info...

Next time...I want to "hitch a ride!" (Craig Allen photo).

...click here.

AMC Javelin...50's truck..and mid 60's "Chevy II" station wagon! (Craig Allen photo).

And, I'll see YOU on Main Street in Somerville on Friday night!