The Grammy Awards are on.

(Insert your thoughts here)

Yeah...I agree.

I cared a LOT more in the 80's and 90's!

I DO like (some of the) new music...but, it's just...not the same.

And, don't get me started on the fact that a night that is supposed to celebrate music political! (As are ALL "awards" shows).

Anyhow...I was doing the night show during the ceremonies a few years ago, and wanted to do something...tongue in cheek...on social media.

So, I decided to share my "award," and put the (above) photo on my social media page.

It's "invisible."

A...figment of the imagination.

To quote "A Christmas Story": "It's a MAJOR award."

In my mind.

And that was my point. All in fun!

I post the photo, and turn my full attention to the radio show.

In the meantime...

COOL! (Craig Allen photo archives).
COOL! (Craig Allen photo archives).

...never underestimate the devotion...and creativity...of the New Jersey 101.5 listener!

Thanks, again, Jim!

My "Grammy."

Jim's handiwork lives the cloud.

While the original...

It's a "major award!" (Craig Allen photo).
It's a "major award!" (Craig Allen photo).

...invisible..."Grammy" lives on my shelf with cool radio memorabilia.

As you can clearly see!

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