I've been saying it for years on New Jersey 101.5: "Spring Ahead. Fall Back." Its more than just a saying...its an easy way to remember the time change!

Its Spring-ish. Time to "Spring Ahead!"

I hope that you moved ALL of your clocks forward ONE hour before you went to bed last night!

QUICK! Check all your clocks (including your car dash)...there's always ONE that gets missed...and it would be a catastrophe if you rely on that WRONG clock tomorrow morning!

But, I digress...(but, it was important)...

New Jersey returned to Daylight Saving Time as you snoozed this morning... 2-am became 3-am...and as a result, you may have noticed that we gained an hour of daylight this evening!

True, we "lost" an hour of sleep last night.

But don't fret! You can always sleep in...in November!

In the meantime...

...enjoy a few "time" songs...

...as you check ALL of your clocks ONE MORE "TIME!" (I always played a whole set of "time songs" at the appointed hour, when I used to do the overnight show).

And, if you're still not sure of the correct time...I'll "chime" in moments...

...on New Jersey 101.5, and here, as you LISTEN LIVE on nj1015.com!

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