Fifteen people were shot in Trenton this weekend. It's just the latest example of violent crime in our cities. Why does this keep happening?

Fatherless homes. Period, full stop, as "Givenor Murphy" likes to say. Oh and yes, Murphy has a hand in this too. I'll explain.

First some hard truths. Multiple studies show that children raised in fatherless homes are more likely to display behavioral problems, get involved with drugs and gangs and end up in prison at a much higher rate than kids coming from intact families.

In some demographic groups, the out-of-wedlock birth rate can reach into the 70-plus percent range, according to National Vital Statistics Reports from the Centers for Disease Control. Sure, there is plenty of blame to go around. Poor choices from both parties involved in the conception and raising the child, of course. But the main source is the enabler, the State of New Jersey, and any other government body that pays for and encourages out-of-wedlock birth and childcare.

Out of a sense of compassion and good intentions, government has excused people's personal responsibility and robbed them of their human dignity by making easy to have kids outside the traditional family structure. It's been happening in great numbers since the "war on poverty" began in the 1960s and accelerated with more and more "liberal" politicians over the decades. It's produced catastrophic results in society that all the programs and tax dollars in the world can't fix.

We've taken away the building blocks of responsible, productive behavior in the name of being helpful. It's anything but helpful in the majority of cases. It builds a far-reaching tendency toward dependency and steals people's dignity and motivation.

Just last month, "Givenor Murphy" signed four bills aimed at improving maternity care.  Now who could oppose such a generous, caring move? We all should. It does exactly the wrong things for society while doing all the right things for a power-hungry party looking to build power and dependency. Providing doulas paid for by Medicaid? Really?! A staggering 40%-plus births in New Jersey are paid for by Medicare, according to statistics collected by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Is that a good thing? Are we trending in the right direction? If you're looking to build power through dependency, it sure a sh*& is!

Nobody wants to talk about this issue and ABSOLUTELY no one is power wants to do anything about the problem. Government is like the drug dealer and their constituents are the addicts. There are methods to get you off drugs, but the addiction to free government goodies is much harder to shake. The consequences are even more dangerous than a few drug addicts struggling to get back on track. We've created a whole sector of society that's spinning out of control and the pusher keeps giving them what they crave, with no conscience on no end in sight.

You know what they say about the road to hell being paved with good intentions. Are they actually well intentioned? Not really, just power hungry.

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