In the case of my friend and Speaking Millennial Podcast co-host Jessica Nutt, she left her final dress fitting for the day before her wedding! And make sure you get that done before obtaining your marriage license and attending rehearsal and the following dinner. Nothing like the last minute. But to hear Jessica tell the story, it's just another day of getting things done. Even though her wedding was only about 30 hours from our conversation on air Friday morning, she was calm, cool and collected. Many of the items on Jessica's list happened as the deadline approached, including the invitations! Of course, as she always does, she got the job done in time and in expert fashion.

On the subject of the invitations...remember how Vinnie Brand, owner of The Stress Factory Comedy Club in New Brunswick,  pushed to get invited to the wedding?

He pushed and even resorted to giving out Jessica's cell phone number on the air one digit at a time over a couple appearances until he got the invite.The worst part? Vinnie got the invite and then never responded. You can't make this stuff up.

The next time Jessica appears on the show she will be Jessica Gibson. And yes, we thought of that for our upcoming events...we've already made adjustments for her new last name at our appearances scheduled for the fall. We've got a few scheduled for September and have already started booking October with the first event for the Princeton Senior Resource Center on October 6th. The event will be held at Princeton High School and, in addition, me and Jessica, Vinnie Brand will take the stage. Can't wait for the conversation between Jessica and Vinnie that night...stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can find Jessica on Twitter to wish her and her fiancé Chase all the best for a great wedding day and happy married life!

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