No award ceremony would be complete without the compliment of a full unedited podcast right? On Wednesday the latest episode of #SpeakingMillennial with me, Jay Black and Jessica Nutt dropped for your listening pleasure.

My co-hosts Jay & Jessica joined me on air to discuss the event and the special behind the scenes look you'll get from the latest episode. Of course the conversation got a bit off track as it always does and we ended up talking about Vinnie Brand inviting himself to Jessica's upcoming wedding. Jay was adamant that men really should be spending time trying to get out of going to weddings, not the opposite. At one point he even said that he got into comedy so he'd have to work weekends to avoid other people's nuptials. Brian, our board operator, got into the fray saying he only wanted to be invited in order to decline. Oh boy. You get a sense of how this conversation played out.

On another subject relating to men and women and their different take on things was the issue, hmm, controversy of the cover photo for our podcast. We've actually had so many "picture days" that have produced pics that we all couldn't agree upon, we're still using the original selfie. OK, lemme clarify, Jay and I were happy with every one of the pics. Jessica has said that she doesn't care, whatever one we pick is fine. Jay is not convinced she means that. But either way, he's been tasked with the final pic...let's see how he does.

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