Of course he did. Vinnie Brand and Jessica Nutt were in studio Friday to talk about the #Millenns awards, which are fast approaching on January 17th at the Stress Factory.

We learned during the conversation that we probably should leave the planning of the actual event up to Jessica as Vinnie and I were a bit all over the map. We also learned that you really never know what to expect from Vinnie.

Jessica proudly announced her engagement on social media the day after Christmas and we are all thrilled for her!

Vinnie of course, as any proud friend, immediately decided to put her on the spot Friday during the show telling her he expected an invitation. Not skipping a beat, Jessica said sure, you can provide the comedy entertainment while we're taking our pictures...I suggested he should donate the time as a gift.

We're confident that Jessica will have plenty of time to plan the wedding after we get though the #Millenns! We did post a poll on twitter to let you help Jessica decide whether Vinnie gets an actual invitation.

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