Most politicians don't start off cynical and greedy, Jim Gearhart says. Most get into the public arena hoping to do some good.

The problem, Jim says, is that once in, they drink the Kool-aid, "and they become something they weren't when they went in."

"Pretty soon, the No. 1 item on the agenda for any elected official isn't 'What's best for my constituents?' It's 'What advances my career?"" Jim says in the second segment of this week's Jim Gearhart Show podcast — available every Thursday on iTunes, Google Play and the New Jersey 101.5 app.

That was certainly true of Gov. Chris Christie, Jim says. Remember the governor who introduced the tax toolkit? The one who fought hard against New Jersey's public sector unions?

"In the very beginning, we looked at him in awe. He was actually doing things," Jim says.

But Christie had his own Kool-aid moment ... and it's been downhill from there.

When was it? Jim explains above.

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