In the wake of Aaron Hernandez's apparent suicide, Chris and Dan look at the larger problem looming over the NFL. Is it time for the NFL to put more resources into teaching and preparing NFL rookies for the pitfalls and troubles that can come along with playing professional football? Also, are people really feeling sorry for Hernandez now that he is dead? Why?

Eli Manning is under investigation in a sports memorabilia scandal but does he deserve the benefit of the doubt that he could be innocent? Is being guilty before being proven innocent the new nom for pro athletes with the media? Chris and Dan also look at whether you'd rather collect memorabilia or have some time to talk to a player. Which is more valuable?

Do you have an "sports superstitions?" A friend of Chris' believes he found the key to the New York Rangers' first round playoff success. Do sports fans really wield that much power, good or bad? Or it just all in our heads?

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