The MLB season is barely a month old but it's been a rocky start if you're a Mets fan. Injuries to a number of players, most notably their star pitcher Noah Syndergaard, have the Mets reeling. It doesn't help that on the day Syndergaard gets injured, the team loses the game, 23-5. Ouch!

But is all hope lost? Some Mets fans are saying "yes!"

One of those fans standing on the proverbial ledge is co-host Dan Tantillo. Dan is ready to throw in the towel and scrap the season. Chris cannot believe that Dan is giving up already and tries to convince him to keep the faith but is not having much luck.
Are there just teams that become too hard luck to root for? Are their teams like the Mets, that fans just come to expect the worse from?

Lonzo Ball is a talented collegiate basketball player that could have a bright future in the NBA. But could his father LaVar derail his career before it even begins? The guys rant on bad sports parents.

Dan recently went to Philadelphia for one day of the 2017 NFL Draft. What did Dan think of it? Was it a great fan experience? We'll get his take on it

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