Major League Baseball has instituted a new automatic intentional walk rule in order to speed up the game. But was it necessary? Hosts Chris Swendeman and Dan Tantillo STRONGLY disagree. By speeding up the game, is the league just alienating the fan base that already enjoys the game?

The NFL Draft in Philadelphia is fast approaching. There is 24/7 coverage of every expert's opinion on how the first round of the draft will unfold and beyond. But is it too much analysis for too long leading up to the actual event?

Two big names in the NFL are now making headlines, not for their talent on the field, but whether they have what it takes to compete OFF the field. Tony Romo retired this off-season from the Dallas Cowboys and has been hired as lead NFL game analyst for CBS, replacing Phil Simms. Former Strong Safety John Lynch has been hired as the new General Manager of the San Francisco 49ers. Both Romo and Lynch have no prior experience in their new careers. Is it fair that they got those positions? Chris says absolutely, it happens every single day in the workplace, while Dan disagrees and says those 2 organizations are taking a huge risk.

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