My wife Aubree and I welcomed to our family this past weekend an adorable little puppy from Furrytail Endings Canine Rescue in Warren County. He's 4 months old now, but at only days old he had been abandoned by someone. Left in a box on a street in Texas, he was rescued and made his way here to New Jersey to find his forever home and I'm so glad we're it.

The Deminskis' new dog
Jeff Deminski photo

At first we were thinking of the name Snoopy because of the black and white coloring and he seemed silly and playful. We weren't entirely sure though, so I asked our listeners to look at some pictures and come up with their own suggestions.

Common ones were Petey since that black patch around the eye looks a lot like Petey from the very old Little Rascals show. Oreo came up a lot because of the black and white. So did Patches. Someone with a sense of humor suggested we name him Askem. So that when people on the street ask us what his name is we would answer, "Ask him."

We received a ton of name suggestions and I appreciate each and every one. After several days of being around this little guy and learning more about him, we definitely chose against the name Snoopy. Being part Australian cattle dog he has too much swagger and not enough silliness to be a Snoopy. The more we knew him the name came to us.

We've named him Finn.

Some will think this is from Adventure Time. Some will say Huck Finn. To be honest, he just looks like a Finn to us. It's almost like he told us what his name is and we went with it. Thanks to everyone who wrote. Your ideas were great. He's just a Finn. Or Finny to the kids.

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