My wife, the kids and I are thrilled to welcome to our home a little rescued pup. Furrytail Endings is the rescue group we went through, and they've been so kind, thorough, professional and helpful.

This little guy is four months old, and he started out his life abandoned in a box on the streets in Texas just days old. He was fostered there in Texas for a few months then brought up here to New Jersey half a month ago to find his forever home. We are so happy they chose us!

He's part Australian cattle dog and part dachshund. They believe he'll grow to be only about 25 pounds. Now as is often the case, this rescued pup was given the name Rascal by his foster folks. For his forever name though my wife has been wanting something new. Thinking about his black and white coat, hearing some of the funny sounds he's making and focusing on his playfully, silly nature, I'm thinking the name Snoopy. My wife loved it and is trying it out on at least a temporary basis.

Bill Doyle was frowning on the name because he's not a beagle and because it's a famous dog name. So now I'm doubting myself. I'm vacillating. Does this dog seem like a Snoopy to you? Give us a quick yes or no in our poll, and if it's no please feel free to suggest a name in the comment section. I promise I'll read and consider any we get.

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