On Thursday morning, I was joined by the chairman of the New Jersey Republican Party, Doug Steinhardt. For several months, I've been discussing my ideas on solving New Jersey's financial crisis. Everything from the reverse millionaires tax to selling the assets of NJ Transit. Speaking with Doug, I mentioned my asset sale solution, which could literally infuse the state coffers with additional billions of dollars that could solve the current pension funding issue and stabilize the budget allowing for a conversion to a defined contribution instead of a defined benefit.

His response was great. Not only was he open to the discussion, but gave a great example of how county government has done the same thing to "right the financial ship". This conversation will continue over the next year, plus as we head into the Assembly elections in 2019.

Will more politicians start accepting common sense solutions that could dramatically lower your taxes? Or will this be more of the same? You know me, I'm still #DigginIn. How about you?

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