It's getting ridiculous. At the Jets game over the weekend, some irresponsible fan decided to dump hot coals from a grill onto the parking lot in a parking space that was unoccupied. Until it wasn't. For one unlucky driver who chose the spot, he's now looking at an insurance claim and a new car because the coals not only stayed lit, but destroyed the car and at least five others.

A total of seven cars burned in the parking lot while the Jets were getting burned inside MetLife Stadium by the Minnesota Vikings. It's time for the stadium to ban charcoal grills. And yes, the one idiot is ruining it for the rest.

Think about the rules that we live by today. How many rules are in place because people are irresponsible? You'd think you wouldn't need a rule to prevent someone from accidentally torching a half dozen plus cars. But you do.

Why not have the teams sponsor a grill pit? That allows for grills to be used in spaces not intended for cars? Or how about small propane grills used for camping? Or maybe do away with the entire cooking thing at your car before a game and bring in competitive priced food trucks? Could be huge for local business.

When I was going to Eagles games as a kid, we would bring our own food because even then it was way more expensive with lower quality inside the stadium. We brought pre-made deli sandwiches, sometimes even hot cheese steaks and sausage and pepper subs. None of which required lighting a fire in a crowded parking lot.

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