November is "National Gratitude Month" and while I don't put much stock into the national calendar, it would figure that a month that would contain Thanksgiving would be the perfect place for this title.

So what do we have to be thankful for living in New Jersey? That could be better answered by someone who has left New Jersey. We have four seasons, the best food, and great vacation spots for whatever you desire. Not every state has those qualities. Many people realize that once they leave. Usually when they are sitting in their bigger cheaper home with fewer taxes and even less good food to eat to things to do.

As Thanksgiving draws near, with the holidays just around the corner, people start to feel better. They'll soon be connecting with friends and family, maybe through a holiday gathering or maybe just through a card that comes from an old friend that you only hear from when they send it.

One example of that comes from a story Uncle Floyd told me on my New Jersey 101.5 show after David Bowie passed away. "He sent me a Christmas card every year except this year and I heard from people in the industry that he wasn't well" Enjoy those cards because you never know when they're going to stop.

So what do we have to be thankful for living in New Jersey? I polled my following and this is what I got...

Joey Novick

"The understanding of kind people; The Jersey sense of humor; the beautiful sunrises and sunsets."

John Foxx
John Foxx

Francie Trout

"The beach."

Teddy Maturo

"That I live about 10 minutes from a farm with amazing produce, 15 from the ocean. Great schools, compared to so many other places."

Anthony Barberio

"Not pumping my own gas, especially when it’s 20 degrees and freezing outside."

Steve Hix/Somos Images/Corbis
Steve Hix/Somos Images/Corbis

Eddie Molina

"Seaside heights and MTVs Jersey Shore."

Gail Morrone

"Just about everything in NJ. We have the best of everything that we could possibly need or want. This Jersey Girl is never leaving."

Butch Budai

"New Jersey 101.5."

These are the best hiking spots in New Jersey

A trip to New Jersey doesn't have to be all about the beach. Our state has some incredible trails, waterfalls, and lakes to enjoy.

From the Pine Barrens to the Appalachian Trail to the hidden gems of New Jersey, you have plenty of options for a great hike. Hiking is such a great way to spend time outdoors and enjoy nature, plus it's a great workout.

Before you go out on the trails and explore some of our listeners' suggestions, I have some tips on hiking etiquette from the American Hiking Society.

If you are going downhill and run into an uphill hiker, step to the side and give the uphill hiker space. A hiker going uphill has the right of way unless they stop to catch their breath.

Always stay on the trail, you may see side paths, unless they are marked as an official trail, steer clear of them. By going off-trail you may cause damage to the ecosystems around the trail, the plants, and wildlife that live there.

You also do not want to disturb the wildlife you encounter, just keep your distance from the wildlife and continue hiking.

Bicyclists should yield to hikers and horses. Hikers should also yield to horses, but I’m not sure how many horses you will encounter on the trails in New Jersey.
If you are thinking of bringing your dog on your hike, they should be leashed, and make sure to clean up all pet waste.

Lastly, be mindful of the weather, if the trail is too muddy, it's probably best to save your hike for another day.

I asked our listeners for their suggestions of the best hiking spots in New Jersey, check out their suggestions:

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