Today marks the 7th anniversary of the death of David Bowie. When he passed in 2016, Uncle Floyd gave me an exclusive interview on his relationship with Bowie who actually wrote a song about him called "Slip Away."

I've been performing with and introducing Uncle Floyd on stage for years now and whenever I start to tell the story of how David Bowie wrote the song "Slip Away" for him, he'd always stop me from telling it.

Well, last night Uncle Floyd called me to tell the story of why the thin White Duke was moved enough to write about him and how Bowie showed up at the Bottom Line to see him. How did Bowie find out about Uncle Floyd? From his friend John Lennon. How incredible is that?

When I asked Floyd about how much of a tribute is it for someone like Bowie, to be attracted to Floyd as an artist, Uncle Floyd had this to say about it:

"He did tell me that I reminded him of the old-school English music hall comedians, who played music and did parodies and comedy and wore costumes and that kind of thing. He had an appreciation for that kind of art, which is pretty much gone now."

Listen to the entire interview in the YouTube clip below.

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