What a great night with Jersey's own "Uncle Floyd" Vivino coming in to co-host "Jersey's Opening Lines". He even brought "Oogie" from his old TV show. Winners received tickets to our show that we're going with Gillbert Gottfried on April 20 at the Broadway Theatre in Pittman.

Floyd worked with Gottfried when they were regulars on "The Cosby Show". One time they crashed the bosses lunch pretending to be writers.

"He [Gottfried] said to me in the hallway, 'where are you going, we're going to lunch all the actors are eating over here.' I said, 'I'm going this way to lunch.' It was Bill Cosby's lunch room with all the top 12 people. He [Gottfried] say's to me, 'we don't belong here. we're not supposed to be here.' I said shut up it's better food they didn't know." Fortunately Cosby didn't offer them a drink.

Floyd was also in "Good Morning Vietnam" with Robin Williams and told stories about the two of them working together. Did they ever share a comedy stage?

"He liked the way I did Shemp Howard from 'The Three Stooges' and he wanted me to do a scene with Richard Edson," Floyd said. "...but they cut it out of the movie because it had nothing to do with the picture. But Robin liked it."

Uncle Floyd usually doesn't talk politics but did discuss his solution for solving the traffic problem on the Parkway when he once ran for governor.

"I got it solved, all traffic becomes a one-way, all cars go south. Some Senator said, 'what good does that do Uncle Floyd, they'll all end up in Wildwood. What happens then?' Well then it becomes a local problem."

Get tickets for Uncle Floyd, Gilbert Gottfried and Steve Trevelise Saturday April 20 at The Broadway Theatre in Pittman here.

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