With the Presidential election getting closer, many still can't decide who to vote for or if they're simply casting that vote for the lesser of two evils.

I'm throwing the legendary Uncle Floyd into the mix. Now I know what you're thinking: ”Uncle Floyd? Isn't he that guy from the eighties?" Well, yeah, but then again so is Donald Trump. Besides, David Bowie never wrote a song about Donald Trump. When Bowie died, our presidential candidate remembered him on air.

Uncle Floyd did run for Governor once, imagine how much better things could be if he had won. Imagine Uncle Floyd's cabinet with Oogie, Looney Skip Rooney, Netto Cornetto or Dr. Dimento!

Imagine Uncle Floyd's closet with all those jackets and hats! If any one of those guys comes out of that closet, he could even be politically correct. Then again, political correctness just wouldn't be Uncle Floyd, and that's who we need in the White House.

As for what Uncle Floyd would do in the White House, I can guarantee that his speeches will be hysterical! In fact, there may even be a two drink minimum which we can use to lower the taxes! This sounds better to me than the current candidates who drive us to drink!

So who's with me? Enough with "Chump" and "Sillary," time to elect Uncle Floyd for President, who better to add some plaid to the stars and stripes?

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